Hey mom friends

Hey mom friends! I wanted to share an idea I got from another mom friend of mine.
It’s called the MOMMY MART!
If you want more details let me know. Here is what I did for mine.
I bought those plastic toy gold coins- 144 pack for like $5 on Amazon. And I bought those little glass colored gems used in fish bowls or whatever.
Then I set a chore list with rules, and bought little $5 or less toys, trinkets, coloring books, reading books, pool toys, projects, etc the kids have told me they wanted and put a colored sticker- like the ones you would use for a garage sale- on each one with how many coins it would take to earn that certain thing. I also bought one $10-$15 item that they would take awhile to earn. The Mommy Mart is only open on Sundays, so they have the whole week to earn coins and then shop on Sunday for what they want.
The gems are for random acts of kindness- when they do something unexpectedly nice for others they can earn a gem and pick something out of the gem bucket right away.. . I did little pencils, erasers, cheap $1.50 blind bags, gum 5 packs, candy, etc.
They can choose to shop on Sunday or save their coins for the bigger own for the next week and combine two or three weeks worth of coins.
You can do it however you want if you choose. This is just what I did. I put everything in the corner of the living room so they could see it all the time and to remind them to get stuff done.
I hope it goes well. Fingers crossed. Wanted to share in case you wanted to try too. Summers can get long and it teaches kids to work for what they want and to spend “money” wisely.